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Medical Sea Pak & Marine Kits

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First Aid for Boat Safety

Our line of Medical SeaPak kits can be found on boats all over the world from small day boats to ocean crossing super yachts and our Daypak kit is the first aid kit of choice on coast guard cutters in every port in the United States.

Each kit comes in a cloth or hard plastic case depending on your preference.

  • Value: We stock our kits with just the items that you need at the prices that you can afford.

  • Quality: All Medical marine kits are made with quality items from By assembling the kits ourselves, it contains just the items that you will likely need in a boating emergency.

  • Selection: has a selection of over twenty marine first aid kits each with a different range of products that are pertinent to your specific needs. We also offer a variety of refill supplies to replenish your Medical Seapak or marine kit when they have been used.

  • Our Medical Seapak first aid kits are designed for water recreation from ski boats to large yachts. Our kits are stocked with items that will be necessary in any emergency you may face out on the water.