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Bag Valve Masks

What Is a Bag Valve Mask?

A bag valve mask is a resuscitation device that uses a large bulb to push air into a patientís lungs. The bag will allow airflow to the airways when the rescuers squeeze and release the bag. A BVM should only be used by an individual who has been trained to do so.

Bag Valve Mask vs Non-rebreather Mask

A bag valve mask uses a bulb that a medical professional must squeeze in order to keep oxygen flowing. A non-rebreather mask uses the pressure from an oxygen tank to keep oxygen flowing.

Are Bag Valve Masks Reusable?

There are both reusable and disposable versions of bag valve masks. The bulb used for oxygen transfer is always reusable, but the actual oxygen mask needs to be disposed or sanitized after each use.

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