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Moleskin Pads

Moleskin Pads and Blister Foam

What is Moleskin?
Moleskin fabric is a densely woven, heavy cotton blend, made to be very durable, usually with an adhesive side and a non-adhesive side. Moleskin pads provide all-day relief from corns, calluses, and tender spots. These pads can be easily cut and fit to any size you need.

What is Moleskin Used for? Moleskin is Great for athletes and weekend warriors to help prevent further exposure of blistering skin, or to treat friction injuries to the feet. Usually from rubbing against footwear and causing chafing.

How to Use Moleskin Fabric to Treat a Blister Take a pad of moleskin, fold the pad in half so the non-adhesive side comes in contact. Cut a hole a little bigger than the blister out of the pad. Place the adhesive on your foot, with the blister in the center of the hole. For large blisters, using more than one pad may be necessary, and while it is not recommended, as long as you keep the blister clean, draining can also be helpful. Also on this page you will find our personal foot care kit. This kit is packed full of the supplies you need to get back on your feet and on with your journeys. The kit includes pads that protect corns, blisters and other irritable points from contact and friction. There is also band aids and topicals to aid in the healing process.