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Curad Medium Waterproof Bandages 30/Ct
  • Product Specifications:
    • Curad Medium Waterproof Bandages 30/Ct

      Part #: 922-00746

    • $1.49


    • CURAD brand medium-size Waterproof Bandages. These bandages have transparent film and a four-sided seal that keeps water and other liquids out. The four-sided seal completely blocks out dirt and germs that can lead to infection. Keep your wounds covered all day. Stays on even when bathing or washing your hands. The transparent film also helps the bandages blend in a little better, making them less obvious.

      • Ultra thin polyurethane backing that sticks through moisture exposure
      • Stays on longer than traditional bandages
      • Sterile
      • 200% more absorbant than other leading brands of bandages

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