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Triangular Bandage 40" x 40" (12 pk)
  • Triangular Bandage 40" x 40" (12 pk)

    Part #: 922-00007PK12

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    Brand: Dynarex

  • Triangular bandages are also sometimes known as cravat bandages. This box contains 12 40”x40” non-sterile bandages. These bandages can be used as an arm sling, folded as a traditional bandage, or wrapped around the head for head wounds. The most common use for a triangular bandage is an arm sling. A sling is used to stop someone’s arm from moving, to protect it, and to prevent further damage. The two types of slings you can make with a triangular bandage are an Elevation Sling and an Arm Sling.

    Elevation Slings hold the arm in an upright position with fingertips touching the shoulder. This is helpful to control bleeding from the hand or the arm and helps reduce any swelling.

    Arm Slings hold the arm in a horizontal position to treat upper arm injuries, wrist injuries, and rib fractures. Find more triangle bandage uses here.

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