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You donít always need to pay a fortune for the best quality, and ďcheapĒ isnít always a bad adjective. Iím sure youíve heard the saying when it comes to services, there are three options, cheap, quality, and quick, and you can only pick two. Here at e-FirstAidSupplies we donít agree with that mentality. We offer high-quality first aid supplies at an affordable price that can be delivered quickly. Our first aid kits are stocked with supplies from trusted companies, like CURAD and Dynarex, and many of the cases are manufactured right here at Fieldtex.

All these promotional first aid kits are $10 or under and stocked with everything you need to treat minor injuries at home.

Cheap First Aid Kits On Sale - Under $10

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Cheap First Aid Kits for Sale by e-FirstAid Supplies

E-FirstAid Supplies offers a large selection of first aid kits for sale at affordable prices. Now you can prepare for a variety of emergencies and get quality products all for under $10! We have extremely low prices on the products you trust, and orders over $55 ship for free! Now is the time to stock up and save big on our first aid kits under $10 so you can always be prepared.

Benefits of a Cheap First Aid Kit

Cheap first aid kits are perfect to keep at your desk at work or in your vehicle. In the event of an emergency every minute is precious. Having basic, inexpensive, and instant care for your situation will help prevent further damage until professional medical assistance can be provided. Even our cheapest first aid kit has the medical supplies needed to stop a bad day from becoming a nightmare.

What Is Our Cheapest First Aid Kit?

The most inexpensive first aid kit we offer is the Johnson & Johnson 12 piece kit. This small and portable container is easily taken with you everywhere you go, and fits easily in your desk or vehicle. It is loaded with cheap first aid supplies like tapping accessories, wipes, thermometers , gauze, and bandages of many different sizes.

The Bottom Line

Having a cheap first aid kit nearby not only keeps you safe but allows you to help others as well. The people around you may experience any number of injuries, and with a first aid kit nearby you will be able to offer assistance. Whether you need burn care supplies, insect bite relief, or just bandages, your preparedness will keep you and others happy and healthy.