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Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kit
  • Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kit

    Part #: 911-10997

  • $8.99


  • Brand: Fieldtex

  • When someone vomits it's never pleasant, but this clean up kit will make your job a little easier if your tasked with cleaning it up. Once someone has vomitted there unfortunetly isn't many options other than to soak up the liquid, scoop and bag the solids and move on with out throwing up yourself. We developed this kit to handle all of the requirements for removing the mess. There is also a bio hazard bag in the kit to dispose of the mess when your down.

    Body Fluid Clean Up Kit Contains:

    • 1 Biohazard bag
    • 1 Sanizide packet
    • 1 pair of gloves
    • 1 Red Z Solidifier
    • 1 Scoop & Scraper
    • 2 Zorb sheets

    Manufactured with necessary and correct supplies to ensure that your area is free from bacteria.

    Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier deodorizes vomit or bodily fluid more effectively.

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