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Moleskin 2" x 25 yds. - Tan
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 1.36 pounds

    Brand: Jaybird & Mais

    Dimensions: 2" x 25 yds
    • Moleskin 2" x 25 yds. - Tan

      Part #: 922-11044

    • 'Moleskin 2" x 25 yds. - Tan' is temporarily out of stock.
    • $23.99


    • This product contains a roll of moleskin tape measuring 2" x 25 yards. Moleskin protects and prevents blisters from forming when applied to a piece of clothing that rubs against your skin a lot. Moleskin provides a comfortable barrier that reduces friction, preventing the formation of blisters and chafing. This product is made of a softly brushed and remarkably strong cotton fabric and is coated with a powerful 100% latex free zinc oxide adhesive on release paper. Hypo-allergenic adhesive and strong cotton padding also make moleskin perfect for reducing irritation from existing blisters as well.

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