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Fire Blanket Storage Bag
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 1.92 pounds

    Brand: Fieldtex, Made in USA

    Material: Vinyl

    Dimensions: 18" x 21"
    • Fire Blanket Storage Bag

      Part #: 911-83733

    • $22.50


    • High-Visibility Vinyl Bag

      Introducing our high-visibility fluorescent orange vinyl bag, an essential addition to any high-risk or highly flammable work environment. Safety is paramount in such settings, and our vinyl bag ensures you're prepared for the unexpected.

      This durable bag features strategically placed D-rings, allowing you to easily mount it in a location that's readily accessible. Whether it's a construction site, a chemical facility, or any environment with increased safety concerns, this bag provides a convenient storage solution for crucial safety equipment.

      One of the standout features is the Velcro closure with a pull tab located at the bottom of the bag. This design ensures quick and easy access to the contents, making it effortless to retrieve safety equipment or materials when every second counts.

      The fluorescent orange color of the bag not only adds visibility but also serves as a visual reminder of safety precautions. It's a clear signal that safety is a top priority in your work environment, reducing the risk of accidents and mishaps.

      With this high-visibility vinyl bag, you're making a proactive choice to enhance safety and accessibility. It's a versatile solution for storing essential safety equipment, and its high-visibility design ensures that you're always ready for any situation. Don't compromise when it comes to safety choose our high-visibility vinyl bag to ensure a secure and accessible work environment.