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Metal First Aid Cabinets

Empty First Aid Cabinets and Boxes

Metal first aid cabinets are ideal in factory and office settings; hooks on the back of each box make them easy to mount on a wall. Using our metal and plastic first aid cabinets, users can create  first aid stations that are highly visible and also out of the way when handling day-to-day tasks.

  • Value:At e-FirstAidSupplies, we stock all our first-aid kits with high-quality supplies built to last. We work hard to ensure our first-aid metal boxes are a great value for customers, made with a durable, sleek design to neatly store all your medical supplies.

  • Service: All of our employees have been trained to answer any questions you may have about first aid cabinets and other products we sell. We also offer free shipping on orders over $55.

  • Selection: e-FirstAidSupplies offers empty first aid cabinets available in metal and plastic as well as soft-sided durable styles for use in a personal or professional setting. We have over 100 first aid kits to choose from all with a different selection of supplies in them.
These metal first aid cabinets come in five different sizes from a small 10 person kit to a 100 person kits. If none of these options work for you, consider our ANSI compliant first aid kits.

What Should Metal First Aid Cabinets Contain?

OSHA and Mayo clinic lists of necessary items that should be found in first-aid kits/cabinets.

Where Should a First Aid Metal Cabinet Be Stored Safely?

The cabinet should be stored securely in a cool, dry place. All staff should be informed of its location. The first aid cabinet needs to be installed in an area easily accessible to everyone. The first aid provider should not have to travel through multiple hallways, stairways, or an elevator to access the supplies. First aid supplies should not be stored in a kitchen or breakroom to avoid contamination of food. A dedicated room for first aid can be an acceptable substitute for a cabinet, but still needs to be easily accessible.