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Color Coded Pouch Set
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.84 pounds

    Brand: Fieldtex, Made in USA

    Material: Vinyl

    Dimensions: 11Lx6.25Wx3H
    • Color Coded Pouch Set

      Part #: 911-05435

    • $29.95


    • Organize your medical bags effortlessly with our color-coded pouch set, featuring six distinctly colored bags with clear sides for easy visibility and accessibility of your first aid supplies.

      • Clear Window Visibility: Each pouch is equipped with a clear window, ensuring easy visibility of the contents. Quickly locate and organize your first aid supplies with clarity and efficiency.
      • Versatile Use for First Aid Kits: These color-coded pouches are designed for versatility, allowing individual use or placement inside a larger First Aid Kit. Organize items based on injury type or emergency for quick and efficient access.
      • Perfect for Various Supplies: Ideal for organizing large dressings, ABD pads, bandages, OTC medications, and more. Purchase these bags to effortlessly organize anything from medical supplies to personal hygiene items with ease.

      Purchase these color-coded pouches to stay organized whether you are a school nurse, a medic, or a teacher. With their versatility and clear window feature, you'll be grateful to have these on hand in any emergency or organizational situation.

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