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Medical Instruments

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Image of Paramedic Scissors - Black
Paramedic Scissors - Black

Image of Tweezers Stainless Steel (10/pkg)
Tweezers Stainless Steel (10/pkg)

Image of Irrigation Syringe 20CC
Irrigation Syringe 20CC

Image of Lister Bandage Scissors 5-1/2"
Lister Bandage Scissors 5-1/2"

Image of Splinter-Outs (12/pkg)
Splinter-Outs (12/pkg)

Image of Kelly Forceps
Kelly Forceps

Image of Scalpel Disposable #15 blade
Scalpel Disposable #15 blade

Image of Suture Removal Scissors 4.5"
Suture Removal Scissors 4.5"

Image of Tweezers w/Magnifier
Tweezers w/Magnifier

Image of Plastic Tweezers 4" (25/pkg)
Plastic Tweezers 4" (25/pkg)

Image of Splinter Forceps (12/pkg)
Splinter Forceps (12/pkg)

Image of Disposable Penlight (6/pkg)
Disposable Penlight (6/pkg)

Find all of the medical instruments you need.

To properly treat patients, it is necessary to have the proper surgical instruments. e-first aid Supplies has a wide variety of medical instruments that are perfect for surgical purposes or to have on hand for personal use. We have otoscopes, forceps, syringes, surgical sutures, scalpels, skin staplers and many other great products for medical professionals. Our medical instruments are ideal for replacing products that have been used in a Fieldtex first aid kit.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies medical instruments are competitively priced without sacrificing quality. In the event of an injury it is important to rely on a product that will not cause further harm as well as properly treat it.

  • Quality: High quality medical instruments are offered through e-first aid Supplies. The correct medical equipment selection can make a great difference in the medical procedures at hand.

  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies carries many different surgical instruments that assist in medical procedures. We offer medical scissors, syringes, tweezers, skin staplers, forceps, and scalpels amongst other products that are necessary for any medical professional.

  • e-first aid Supplies carries medical instruments that allow for successful treatment of large injuries and surgical procedures. Medical instruments as well as any of our other types of first aid supplies are an ideal choice for your medical practice needs.