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Tweezers Stainless Steel (10/pkg)
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds

    Brand: Zulco International

    • Tweezers Stainless Steel (10/pkg)

      Part #: 922-00073PK10

    • $3.99


    • Tweezers are tools used for picking up and manipulating objects too small to be easily handled with the human hands, or for removing foreign objects from sensitive areas. Use tweezers to pluck hairs, remove splinters, take out shards of glass without getting sliced, or remove any other contaminant from an open wound. Tweezers are even suitable for work with small machine parts in tight spaces. Each tweezer is 3 inches long and is made of stainless steel. This pack of 10 lets you keep a pair anywhere they are likely to be needed.

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