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Medline Non-Sterile Irrigation Syringe 20CC
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.09 pounds

    Brand: Medline

    • Medline Non-Sterile Irrigation Syringe 20CC

      Part #: 922-10563

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    • Luer-Lok brand disposable irrigation syringe. This item is sold without a needle. This is ideal for dentists and other medical professionals who often irrigate wounds. This syringe is also a great tool for in-home use such as caring for dental wounds post-surgery and properly measuring liquid medications. Since this item does not include a needle, it is not suitable for extracting or injecting fluids from the body. The best use of this item is to spray a wound with saline solution or water to remove contaminants.

      This syringe can hold up to 20ccs of liquid.

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