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Plastic Tweezers 4" (25/pkg)
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.37 pounds

    Brand: Zulco

    • Plastic Tweezers 4" (25/pkg)

      Part #: 922-10993PK25

    • $7.60


    • This product includes 25 individually wrapped, lightweight blue plastic tweezers. Plastic tweezers are ideal for handling small parts and components. The thin tips can apply pressure to small items that are usually very hard to get a good grip on. Similarly, tweezers allow you to grab an item without actually touching it. This makes them very useful for removing imbedded materials such as splinters, ingrown hairs, pieces of glass, etc. These tweezers are ideal for a doctor’s office, or for in-home use. Tweezers are extremely handy and inexpensive tools for handling small and potentially harmful items.

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