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Roll Gauze

Roll Gauze to help Contain and Heal Injuries

Roll gauze is a simple but effective tool for maintaining the health of a patient in a hospital or an injured loved one at home. Roll gauze can be quickly wrapped around an injury to hold a sterilized absorbing pad in place. Roll the gauze around an arm, leg or torso. Each roll is long enough to provide you with a great amount of usage. Being individually wrapped ensured sterility and helps you to fight against cross contamination of germs between patients, doctors and nurses.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies is committed to providing roll gauze and other medical supplies that are of the highest quality and competitively priced. Whether you need to buy one box of roll gauzes or supply an entire hospital emergency room, we offer you the best value at the most competitive price.
  • Quality: e-first aid Supplies roll gauze are available in brand names including Dynarex. A brand that you know and trust is available at the quantity and price you need.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies has a selection of roll gauze in different sizes to fit any injury. Our roll gauze ranges from 2" x 4 yds to 6" x 4 yds. Roll Gauze can help keep a bandage on and prevent someone from bleeding out.
Each roll is individually wrapped and non-linting. Being ravel free, you will not drop gauze on the floor or soiled table and end up wasting it. Save money and lives with e-first aid Supplies roll gauze and other medical supplies.