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Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Fieldtex Products

    Dimensions: 8" x 10"
    • Personal Hygiene Kit

      Part #: 911-11247

    • 'Personal Hygiene Kit' is temporarily out of stock.
    • $7.90


    • Our customizable emergency personal hygiene kit comes stocked with essential toiletries and sanitary items to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

      With additional supply options like rescue blankets for state and government programs, this is the most complete kit available at this price point stocked with high quality products and larger sizes. We can also include additional PPE items like disposable or N95 face masks and gloves.

      This kit is perfect to keep in boats, campers, or survival gear bags.

      Whether you want to be prepared for school, workplace or you simply want to be prepared, our kit will satisfy everything on your personal hygiene products checklist. We can also customize and brand the label, tailored to your specific needs. This kit is perfect for hotels, campgrounds, and other overnight venues where guests may forget some personal hygiene necessities.

      Hygiene Kit Supplies List:

      1 Poly Bagged Comb
      1 Poly Bagged Twin Blade Razor
      1 1.5 oz. Bottle Shave Gel
      1 Travel Toothbrush
      1 1.5 oz. Toothpaste
      1 Pack Travel Tissue
      1 2 oz. Bottle Hand Sanitizer
      1 1 oz. Bottle Hand Lotion
      1 1.5 oz Deodorant
      1 2 oz. Shampoo & Body Wash
      1 Bar of Soap
      1 Coin Tissue (Compact Wash Cloth that expands when wet)

      ***Redesigning kit-Check soon for updates***

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