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Safetec Oral Pain Relief
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Safetec

    • Safetec Oral Pain Relief

      Part #: 922-00310BX144

    • $18.60


    • Dental pain is often regarded as the most agonizing type of pain. Whether you're just experiencing a tooth ache, or got hit in the mouth playing sports, itís almost impossible to ignore. This product is an analgesic cream with Benzocaine as its primary ingredient. Directions: Use gauze or cotton to dry the affected area and then apply the cream to the gums, cheek, or sore.

      Safetec Oral Pain Relief provides fast relief for:
      • Canker Sores
      • Gum Pain
      • Toothache
      • Dental Work

      If you have suffered an injury to your mouth that damages your teeth, see a dentist as soon as possible.

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