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Dentemp Custom: Repair Lost Fillings & Loose Caps
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.60 pounds

    Brand: Dentemp

    • Dentemp Custom: Repair Lost Fillings & Loose Caps

      Part #: 922-11415

    • $4.99


    • Dentemp Loose Cap and Lost Filling Repair is great for emergency situations where a cap, crown, or filling gets knocked out. If you have a loose cap, crown, or filling then you need Dentemp temporary cavity filler. This over-the-counter cavity filler provides excellent results for temporary dental fixes. This dental cement can be applied thinner for cavity fillers, setting a loose cap and applied thicker for long-lasting filling replacements. The dental cement also includes an analgesic, making it easier to wait until you can get professional help.

      The ingredients in this Dentemp custom cavity filler are Zinc oxide and Eugenol.

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