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Freshmint Anticavity Toothpaste 1.5 oz.
  • Product Specifications: Dimensions: 1.5 oz
    • Freshmint Anticavity Toothpaste 1.5 oz.

      Part #: 922-00237

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    • FRESHMINT Toothpaste is white in color and mint-flavored. This toothpaste is vegan and gluten-free. There are no animal byproducts in Freshmint Toothpaste, and it contains the FDA-approved active ingredient Sodium Monofluorophospate. Freshmint Toothpaste combats and prevents cavities for healthier teeth. It is ideal for Dentist Office Care Packs as well as front desk handouts in hotels and resorts. Provide complimentary Freshmint Toothpaste to your guests in gyms, spas, Airbnb, and VRBO.