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Save-A-Tooth Preservation Kit
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Save-A-Tooth

    • Save-A-Tooth Preservation Kit

      Part #: 922-10755

    • $19.99


    • Protect knocked-out teeth with Save-A-Tooth Kit. Safeguard up to four teeth for 24 hours. Learn, Prepare, Save method ensures effectiveness. TSA compliant, ADA approved.

      Key Features:

      • Preserve Teeth with Precision: Secure up to four teeth for a 24-hour period.
      • Quick and Effective Action: Follow simple steps for best re-implantation results.
      • Compact and Convenient: Fits in any first aid kit, TSA compliant, and ADA approved.
      • Long-Lasting Solution: Reliable for up to 2 years, ensuring readiness for unexpected dental incidents.
      • Expert Tips for Optimal Use: Handle the tooth with care to maintain root viability.
      • Ideal for Sports Events: A must-have for dental emergencies during activities.

      How It Works:

      1. Preserve Dental Vitality: Act quickly to save a knocked-out tooth.
      2. Revive Teeth with Confidence: The tooth-saving solution maintains viability for 24 hours.
      3. Professional Restoration: Your dentist can seamlessly re-implant, restoring your smile.

      Experience dental preparedness with the Save-A-Tooth Kit. Act fast, safeguard your smile, and take control of oral well-being.

      Note: Follow instructions for optimal results. Product effectiveness subject to guidelines.