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Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.09 pounds

    Brand: Red Z

    • Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier

      Part #: 922-10112

    • $1.75


    • Safetec has created a specialized powder that is designed to absorb and (partially) solidify fluids for easy disposal. Meets OSHA Compliance 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Red Z is also compliant with local, state, and federal disposal regulations. This powder is made with a small amount of chlorine to help remove odors. Red Z Solidifier was originally designed specifically to combat the AIDS crisis by making the cleanup process for blood much safer and effective. Protect yourself and those around you from potentially infectious biohazard spills. Pack these single use packets in a first aid kit for quick and easy blood cleanup. Red Z is available in a multi-spill flip top shaker bottle.

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