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ASA 4" Emergency Trauma Bandage: Israeli
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: ASA Techmed

    Dimensions: 4 Inches Wide
    • ASA 4" Emergency Trauma Bandage: Israeli

      Part #: 922-11920

    • $4.99


    • The Combat Proven Compression Bandage is your ultimate solution for rapid hemorrhage control during emergencies. This 4" wide compression bandage, inspired by the Israeli battle dressing (IBD type), is specifically designed for pre-hospital emergency situations.

      Key Features:

      • Proven Efficacy: A combat-proven first aid device that effectively stops traumatic bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds.
      • Multi-Layer Technology: Innovative design with primary and secondary dressings, pressure applicator, and a secure closure apparatus to ensure immediate direct pressure and blood-flow constriction.
      • One-Hand Application: Its user-friendly design allows for easy one-handed application, ideal for self-administration when every second counts.
      • Be Prepared: A proactive choice for homes, businesses, vehicles, first aid kits, and more. Ensures effective and versatile treatment during critical moments.
      • Multi-Functional: Applicable to various body parts, serving as rings, splints, or a tourniquet in emergencies, exceeding standard first aid bandages.

      Stay prepared and ready to act with the Combat Proven Compression Bandage, trusted by the military, first responders, and various industries. Individually vacuum-sealed for sterility, this compact and portable package fits effortlessly into your emergency gear.

      Don't compromise on safety. Experience effective hemorrhage control with the Combat Proven Compression Bandage, your reliable emergency companion.

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