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Latex Gloves

Versatile And Durable Latex Gloves

Powder free latex gloves protect the user from harmful toxins when providing medical care. Powder free latex gloves are ideal for those who have sensitive skin and would prefer to not use powdered gloves.

What’s the Difference Between Vinyl, Latex, and Nitrile Gloves?

The differences between the three are durability, resilience, allergens, and material cost. Vinyl is the cheapest, least durable, least resilient (but still effective), and is an uncommon allergen. Latex is the second cheapest, is a common allergen, and is as durable and resilient as nitrile.

Why are Some Gloved Powdered/Powder Free?

Gloves can be lined with cornstarch powder to help prevent the glove from sticking to the skin and absorb some moisture. The powder makes the gloves more comfortable for the wearer but has the potential to escape the glove and contaminate the surrounding area. Depending on what the gloves are needed for, such as handling hazardous material for disposal, powder will be used, but for surgical operations, it will not.

Are Medical Gloves Food Safe?

Latex and vinyl are allergens and can contaminate food, so only nitrile can be used for food preparation. Food companies also use polyethylene gloves, which are not suitable for medical use.