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Paper Surgical Tape

Paper Surgical Tape for Your Surgical Needs

A standard for surgeons and general practitioners, paper surgical tape is a reliable and consistent tool. The firm adhesive can hold bandages, gauze and IVs in place. Paper surgical tape is highly porous and provides maximum breathability which lessens the chance of skin irritation, clamminess and discomfort.For situations requiring even more durability and strength, cloth medical tape is an excellent alternative, offering robust adhesion and flexibility.

What Is Surgical Tape?

Surgical tape is a pressure sensitive, adhesive tape used to keep dressings and bandages secured to wounds.

How to Remove Surgical Tape Residue

Surgical tapes have strong adhesives and can leave residue behind after removal. The easiest way to get rid of the residue is to use an adhesive removal pad. These pads will remove any residue without further irritating the skin.

What is Surgical Tape Used For?

Surgical tape, or medical tape, is used to secure non-adhesive bandages and dressings to a wound. Surgical tape is also effective at keeping pressure applied to the wound to slow bleeding and speed up healing.

If paper surgical tape is not what you had in mind, we also offer non-woven tape.