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Paper Surgical Tape 1" x 10 yds. (12/box)
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.59 pounds

    Brand: Dynarex

    Dimensions: 1" x 10 yds
    • Paper Surgical Tape 1" x 10 yds. (12/box)

      Part #: 922-11850BX12

    • $6.65


    • This product includes 12 rolls of paper surgical tape. Each roll measures 1" x 10 yards. The specialized adhesive provides superior skin adhesion with minimal irritation. Natural, highly porous and latex-free construction allows maximum breathability, so sweat doesn’t get trapped against the skin. Hand tears easily for convenient on-the-go use. The paper-based backing makes this tape extremely light and flexible so you can easily wear it for extended periods of time. Surgical tape is great for keeping gauze and bandages secured to wounds without risking adhesives irritating the wound or damaging sutures.

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