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Cloth Marine First Aid Kits

Why Choose Our Cloth First Aid Kits?

Fieldtex has been manufacturing soft-sided cases since the early '70s. With so many years of experience, Fieldtex has perfected the art of making a quality product that it can sell at an affordable price. Cloth first aid kits have become a large part of our business since we entered the first aid industry and we only deliver the best.

  • Quality: Customers throughout the medical field have been finding on a regular basis that we offer only the top notch medical products that a professional would expect to use. We offer these products not only to professionals but also to the average citizen.
  • Selection: With over 30 different cloth first aid kits and over 2,000 supplies in stock, we offer a wide selection of options for you to choose from to fill your first aid needs.
  • Supplies In our cloth first aid kits you will find all of the medical supplies you will need in most first aid situations. There are the common supplies: bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers and cold packs. Not all kits have the same fill in them and you can expect more or less supplies depending on the price. Every product has its specific supplies listed.
Here at you will find all of the products that you are looking for, including cloth first aid kits and general supplies. You may also consider looking at the other supplies we offer, such as home health products and over the counter drugs such as advil and tylenol.