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Custom Kitting Services

Custom Medical Kitting Services offers custom medical kitting services for personalized solutions. As a division of Fieldtex Medical Products, we have 200 employees and 130K sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space. From component sourcing, and package procurement to logistics and delivery, E-firstaid’s custom kitting process will provide quality products and simplified logistics to meet your exact specifications.

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How Customized Kitting Works

Custom kitting is the best way to make bulk ordering multiple items a stress-free process. Custom kitting turns multiple different items into one cohesive entity. As an example, if you wanted to plan a camping trip and order everything online, you could have a shopping cart full of 20 items all of which might arrive at different times, or a single, cohesive “camping kit”, complete with everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Our custom kitting service lets you take advantage of our entire inventory of high-quality first aid supplies and order them in bulk while also cutting down on packaging and shipping fees. Custom kitting gives you complete control of the supplies, allowing you to shape the order to your exact needs.

Custom kits allow us as a supplier to be more efficient with inventory management, meaning you can get your items faster and you won’t have to worry about missing items.

Providing Customized Kitting Services for any Project

If you run a business, you know how busy you can be. Streamline your process with our medical kitting services. For more than three decades, Fieldtex has adapted to an evolving industry to provide top-of-the-line service. Healthcare and medical professional companies can succeed in various kitting projects.

Companies have out-sourced the assembly of customizable first aid kits such as: Active Shooter Kits, Survival Bug-out Bags, and Personal Protection Kits for employee safety when dealing with Covid-19. Seamlessly add value to your medical kitting project with unique branding/private labeling and select from quality items in our extensive inventory.

Types of Emergency Response Kits in our Portfolio

Our customers include every sized organization from Fortune 500 companies to small First Aid start-ups. Whether you are shipping 100 personalized first aid kits or 10,000 kits, partner with our expert staff for your all your custom kitting needs.

By outsourcing medical kit assembly, you will have the flexibility to change as the market does, as well as curate your customizable first aid kits to meet customers' specifications quickly and efficiently. Dedicate your time and energy to your growing business. Don’t waste your time assembling orders.

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Kitting Service Advantages

Medical Kit Factory

Our Job as your Custom Medical Kitting Service

We will handle kit assembly and fulfillment so you can focus on your personalized first aid kit design and sale strategy – leave the rest to us. If you are an entrepreneur, grow your company with E-First aid by outsourcing production, manufacturing, and warehousing. As your business expands, rest easy knowing you are ready to meet demand with our custom kitting services. With kitting in warehouse, we can offer discounts and affordable prices to maximize profitability while maintaining the quality of your products.

At E-Firstaid, managing manufacturing and production is our area of expertise. Our model is suited for all types of custom medical kitting projects. We make it easy to customize our current medical kits straight off the shelf or build a unique personalized first aid kit from scratch.

Whether you would like to include specialty supplies or a branded logo, we can build any first aid kits or specialty kit from the ground up. With E-firstaid’s dedication to excellence, your custom kits are in capable hands. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.