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Cotton Stretch Tape

Keep Bandages down with Cotton Stretch Tape

Cotton stretch tape can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Its tough adhesive maintains its hold while the stretchy fabric keeps everything secure and comfortable. Cotton stretch tape can also secure protective padding underneath a uniform and prevent injury while playing on the field.

What is Stretch Tape?

Stretch tape is a cloth and elastic blend made to secure bandages, cold packs, and to support injured joints and muscles. These tapes are very comfortable and apply less compression to the area than regular medical tape.

How Does Stretch Tape Work?

Stretch tape has a medium tensile strength, strong adhesive and elastic properties, this allows the tape to provide comfortable pressure to an injury without limiting mobility or constricting too much blood.

Is Stretch Tape Waterproof?

Stretch tape is not waterproof because of the elastic material it is blended with.