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Ankle Taping Kits

Ankle Taping Kits for Rehabilitation

Ankle sprains are the most common sports-related injuries in the United States. Some estimates put the number of ankle sprains per year at around 2 million. For this reason, ankle taping is an important part of rehabilitation after an injury and can be used to prevent injuries.

  • Keep your ankles taped and strong by following the easy instructions that our kits provide.
  • Keep your ankle injury kits on hand to treat injuries when they occur.
Our kits include everything you need to wrap your ankle and prevent injury. In the event that injury occurs, a properly wrapped ankle can reduce swelling and provide support to joints.

Our simple kits, that come with complete instructions on how to properly tape your ankle, will keep your ankles supported, strong, and healthy. This will allow you to continue participating in sports events without fear of further injury.

What Does Taping Your Ankle Do?

Tape your ankle at first to minimize the swelling that happens after an accident. Later, taping the ankle gives the external stability that your stretched ligaments (tissues that connect bone to bone) require to mend.

How Long Should You Keep Your Ankle Wrapped?

To minimize swelling, wrap your damaged ankle for several days or up to a week after it has been injured. To further reduce swelling, remove the bandage at night and sleep with your ankle elevated on a pillow.

Does Taping Your Ankles Make Them Weaker?

Taping or bracing the lower leg does not appear to raise the risk of injury. Furthermore, these taping treatments do not weaken the ankles or make you more prone to subsequent ankle sprains.