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Povidone Iodine Prep Solution 4 oz
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.36 pounds

    Brand: Dynarex

    • Povidone Iodine Prep Solution 4 oz

      Part #: 922-00801

    • $1.99


    • This solution is ideal for skin preparation before minor invasive procedures or cleaning minor wounds. Povidone iodine is an antiseptic solution and is very useful for preventing wounds from getting infected. Povidone iodine needs to be washed off with water after use to properly remove bacteria and other microorganisms from the application area. Using iodine on large/deep wounds may lead to irritation and prevent proper healing. While it is rare, some people do experience mild skin irritation from iodine, consult your doctor for alternative antiseptic solutions for first aid or medical applications.

      Active Ingredient: Povidone-iodine, 10% (antiseptic)

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