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Why have a Duffle Bag First Aid Kit on Hand

Are you prepared in case of an emergency? With our Duffel Bag First Aid Kits you are prepared! Each duffel bag has its own fill to prepare the rescuer for CPR to less severe injuries. It is essential to carry the basic items to help you help others. Each Duffel Bag First Aid Kits are equipped with supplies for almost every emergency. They are outfitted for first responders. These first aid kits fills are standard but, the consumer may request for additional products at additional cost. Our Duffel Bag First Aid Kits are manufactured by Fieldtex Products Inc. located in Rochester, New York.

Click on the first aid kits that best suits your needs for further details. Please call 1-800- 772-4816 to speak with one of our customer service representatives to custom fill one of our Duffel Bag First Aid Kits that will meet your needs.