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Grab yourself a rugged & dependable medical backpack made in the US with quality and function in mind. E-FirstAidSupplies offers some of the best options for convenient & reliable options for transporting medical supplies. Our medical backpacks allow you to carry everything you need while freeing up your hands.

First Aid Backpacks & Medical Kits

First Aid Backpacks for Sale from E-FirstAid Supplies

Our backpack first aid kits are a great option for any adventure. E-FirstAid offers seven different kits, like our popular tactical military medical bags, that are stocked with supplies to choose from. Built for accessibility and convenience, a first aid backpack is a better option than the traditional cloth first aid kit particularly when outdoors or hiking. Depending on your needs, consider any of our well-equipped First Responder kits.

Why You Should Buy a First Aid Kit Backpack from E-First Aid

  • Value: e-FirstAid is committed to providing high quality backpack medical kits at competitive prices. Our kits include first aid products sourced from domestic and international manufacturers, allowing us to find the right products at the best price.

  • Quality: Our tactical first aid backpacks contain supplies that are reliable in an emergency when professional help is not available. To prepare for any first aid emergency, First aid backpacks include bandages, CPR masks, gauze, gloves, tape, and other Medical items that would be necessary in a wilderness emergency.
  • Selection: The variety of backpacks come in different sizes and fills to make it easier to prepare for medical emergencies in unfamiliar environments.

What Color Medical Backpacks Are Available?

With three classic colors available, you can choose between red, camouflage, and olive green. If you would like to build your own first aid backpack, we would be happy to provide you with the supplies and empty bags and boxes to meet your needs.

Adventures in remote locations pose a risk for emergencies that cannot be immediately attended to by professional medical care. A first aid backpack can better prepare you for any adventure and give you the peace of mind you need in case of an unexpected incident.