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Dynarex Heat Packs 5" x 9" (24/case)
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 7.85 pounds

    Brand: Dynarex

    Dimensions: 5" x 9"
    • Dynarex Heat Packs 5" x 9" (24/case)

      Part #: 922-00067CS24

    • $28.80


    • Purchase this complete set of hot packs to address pain quickly and effortlessly. Just squeeze for activation. Heat therapy is often recommended for a chronic muscle pain, stiffness or spasm, and will help the muscle relax and provide relief. The Dyranex hot pack is flexible and can mold around the affected area.

      Keep a stock of heat packs as well as cold packs to address chronic pain or an acute injury. This product is a must-have for your personal first aid kit and for medical professionals.

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