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Disaster Preparedness Kits

Be Prepared with Survival Kits

It’s hard to predict when a disaster may strike but being prepared beforehand can protect your family. Whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster that occurs- our survival kits supply you with the proper emergency supplies. When disaster strikes, everyday necessities such as water, gas, electric and phone lines can be cut off and evacuation may not be an option, leaving you confined to your home. If you have one of our kits, you have access to items such as emergency water, food, lighting, communication and sanitation supplies. When purchasing survival kits from, you can rest assured your family has the finest quality items on hand to protect them in the event of an emergency.

  • Value: brings you unmatched value in survival kits. We offer extensive kits at competitive prices so you can afford to be prepared.
  • Quality: survival kits are some of the finest quality kits available today. By purchasing just one of our emergency preparedness kits, you gain access to over 100 emergency supply items. In addition to Fieldtex kits, we also offer Coghlan’s kits.
  • Selection: In addition to value and high-quality, we also offer a vast assortment of survival kits that can fit any group or need. Kits vary in size and purpose in order to best fit the needs of you and your family.
Need more emergency survival supplies? we have them right here! offers unparalleled quality and variety making our survival kits a top choice among consumers. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, purchase yours today!