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SurePrep Rapid Dry Barrier Film, 28 mL
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Medline

    • SurePrep Rapid Dry Barrier Film, 28 mL

      Part #: 922-91120

    • $12.80


    • Discover SurePrep Rapid Dry Barrier Film, a revolutionary skin protectant spray that provides non-stinging, long-lasting defense for damaged or intact skin. Just like the SurePrep Wipes, this spray features an alcohol-free, noncytotoxic formula that rapidly dries, offering up to 72 hours of continuous protection.

      Enhance patient comfort with the transparency of this spray, allowing uninterrupted skin assessment while optimizing dressing adherence. Elevate your skin protection with SurePrep Rapid Dry Barrier Film, a reliable and high-performance spray that redefines moisture, friction, and adhesive trauma defense.

      Key Features:

      • Non-stinging, alcohol-free formula
      • Rapid drying for long-lasting protection
      • Transparent for uninterrupted skin assessment
      • Optimizes dressing adherence
      • Extended wear time of up to 72 hours

      Choose SurePrep Rapid Dry Barrier Film for superior skin protection and defense. Elevate your care with this advanced skin protectant spray.

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