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Skin Stapler Disposable 15
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.04 pounds

    Brand: 3M

    • Skin Stapler Disposable 15

      Part #: 922-00436

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    • $18.99


    • This disposable skin stapler comes pre-loaded with 15 skin staples. The stapler comes sterile and in a sealed package. This machine consists of very few simple parts making it an easy to use, reliable, safe, and economical tool. Staples are delivered accurately and consistently and are the perfect solution for a wide variety of skin closures. The disposable nature means that you donít have to worry about maintenance or sanitizing equipment before and after use. Skin staples can be used as an alternative to stitches or butterfly bandages. They are especially useful for use on highly mobile areas that are likely to tear stitches.

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