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Sheer Plastic Spot Adhesive Bandages 7/8" (100/bx)
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: OmniTrust

    • Sheer Plastic Spot Adhesive Bandages 7/8" (100/bx)

      Part #: 922-10135BX100

    • $2.99


    • Sheer Plastic Spot Adhesive Bandages 7/8. These bandages are best used to cover small cuts and punctures that do not require a traditional sized adhesive bandage or are in an awkward location for normal bandages. They can also be used to cover blisters and are great on areas of the body that move a lot like the knees and elbows. Spot bandages are versatile and extremely helpful for the small, but extremely irritating wounds. Keep yourself safe from infection by covering up exposed wounds.

      Not made with Natural Rubber Latex.

      Sterile unless package is opened or damaged.

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