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Flexible Fabric Spot Bandages
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: OmniTrust

    • Flexible Fabric Spot Bandages

      Part #: 922-10137

    • $3.59


    • These small, latex-free, circular bandages are great for small cuts, blisters, or minor punctures in areas that are uncomfortable to use a normal adhesive bandage on such as fingers and parts of the foot. The lightweight fabric material stretches and flexes, allowing it to stick on parts of the body that move a lot. The circular design helps prevent infectious contaminants from reaching the wound, keeping it clean and healthy while it heals. Keep these in your office to quickly treat paper cuts, or with your sewing kit to patch up needle sticks.

      Includes 100 7/8 circular, sterile, individually wrapped bandages.

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