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150 Person First Aid Cabinet - Door Organizer
  • Product Specifications:

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 15" W x 22" H
    • 150 Person First Aid Cabinet - Door Organizer

      Part #: 922-99899

    • $12.05


    • Maximize the use of your first aid cabinet with the 150-person door organizer or for a 4-shelf cabinet. With 20 pouches of varying sizes in four rows, you will have everything you need organized and visually accessible. In the event of an emergency, moving quickly is of the utmost importance. Locate gauze, creams, bandages, and other essential supplies with ease. Install this liner in your cabinet to stock first aid items for up to 150 people. This is ideal for offices, worksites, school nurses, gyms, and more.

      For use with a 150 Person or 4 Shelf Metal First Aid Cabinet.

      The Pouch Contains twenty pouches.

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