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Auto & Car First Aid Kits

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Image of Auto/RV 39 Piece First Aid Kit
Auto/RV 39 Piece First Aid Kit

Image of Auto/RV 64 Piece First Aid Kit
Auto/RV 64 Piece First Aid Kit

Image of Auto/RV 96 piece First Aid Kit
Auto/RV 96 piece First Aid Kit

Image of Vehicle First Aid Kit
Vehicle First Aid Kit

Image of Auto/RV Pak First Aid Kit
Auto/RV Pak First Aid Kit

Choosing A First Aid Kit for Your Car or RV?

Auto first aid kits are essential to have in your vehicle to be prepared for any roadside emergency. The kits we have designed and manufactured for cars and trucks are stocked with reliable high quality products. We offer six variations of emergency auto kits each containing basic first aid supplies in addition to products uniquely geared towards automotive incidents that occur on the road.

This allows you to be better equipped for your specific needs by including distress flags and auto report forms in addition to basic medical supplies. Being prepared for a roadside emergency is vitally important, because you may one day found yourself stranded and professional help is not always immediately available

  • Supplies: Roadside emergencies are uniquely dangerous incidents that may become more complicated because they generally occur in isolated areas. Our auto first aid kits differ from normal first aid kits in that they have additional products that come in handy on the roadway.

  • Value: Our car first aid kits come in multiple varieties with a different price point and various amounts of product that fit various requirments. We also offer a variety of refill first aid supplies to replenish your car first aid kit after you use it.

  • Quality: We understand the importance of having quality items in an auto kit, by assembling the kits ourselves, we are able to insure our products have the best supplies available knowing that the contents were picked and processed specifically to assist in roadside emergencies

If nothing else always keep in mind that on the chance your vehicle breaks down. That breakdowns do not always happen on busy well lite streets with easy access to help. These vehicle kits are committed to keeping you prepared in the event of any emergency. The more remote the area and the more inclement the weather, the more likely the contents of an emergency Kit will come in handy.