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CURAD Pup Quiz Pals Adhesive Kids Bandages
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Curad

    • CURAD Pup Quiz Pals Adhesive Kids Bandages

      Part #: 922-00163

    • $2.30


    • CURAD Pup Quiz Pals Adhesive Bandages, designed with care for your needs:

      These bandages feature delightful, child-friendly designs showcasing charming dogs adorned with bows, bandannas, and headbands, adding a touch of cheer to the healing process.

      Rest assured that our bandages use a durable acrylic adhesive that is gentle on the skin, ensuring there is no irritation. Your comfort is our priority.

      For added protection, the nonadherent pad in each bandage is highly absorbent, while effectively sealing out dirt, ensuring the wound stays clean and safe.

      Each bandage measures wide by 3 long, and this pack contains 50 bandages.

      Discover the ideal blend of comfort, fun, and protection with CURAD Pup Quiz Pals Adhesive Bandages.

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