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CURAD Soothe & Cool Assorted Bandages ( 8/Ct)
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Curad

    • CURAD Soothe & Cool Assorted Bandages ( 8/Ct)

      Part #: 922-00375

    • $4.99


    • Designed to treat minor burns, Soothe & Cool bandages work by suppressing the continuous burning of the site and protecting your skin from further damage. With advanced hydrogel technology, the heat from the burn is instantly cooled on contact. Additionally, our bandages double as a protective barrier to prevent uninterrupted healing without replacing for up to 5 days. Soothe & Cool bandages create the optimal environment for your skin to heal properly while preventing blisters, abrasions, and further damage.

      Nobody plans to burn themselves, but minor burns happen all the time. When they occur, the faster you cool the burn, the more you can help reduce the pain and damage burns create.

      Like most injuries, over 70% of burns are believed to occur at home, so it helps to plan ahead. Keep burn care products close at hand, especially wherever you find hot surfaces, including:

      • Kitchen stoves, deep fryers, toasters & curling irons.
      • The laundry room with hot dryer elements and irons.
      • Fireplaces, grills & fire rings.
      • And donít forget burns from chemicals like oven cleaners.

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