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Cohesive Flexible Bandage 4" x 5 yds.
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds

    Brand: Dynarex

    Dimensions: 4" x 5 yds
    • Cohesive Flexible Bandage 4" x 5 yds.

      Part #: 922-10076

    • $2.25


    • This cohesive elastic bandage is easy to tear, self-adherent, lightweight, porous and absorbent. This bandage is 4" x 5 yards, making it great for covering larger parts of the body. This product contains latex which may cause allergic reactions. Cohesive bandages don’t stick to clothing or skin, so you can use them on any part of the body, even parts covered by clothing without worrying about the tape grabbing anything it shouldn’t. Cohesive bandages are great for supporting athletic injuries like strains and sprains or just keeping gauze secured to a wound.

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