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Wound Closure Strips 1/4" x 3" 3 Strips
  • Product Specifications: Dimensions: 1/4" x 3"
    • Wound Closure Strips 1/4" x 3" 3 Strips

      Part #: 922-90413

    • $1.50


    • Wound closures are perfect for dressing minor wounds and cuts. These bandages feature a special porous design intended to allow breathability, aiding in the formation of scabs. The flexible nonwoven polyamide material makes them durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. An alternative to the traditional bandage, these adhesive strips hold wounds closed when stitches are unnecessary, but the wound may not close on its own. Wound closures are effective at preventing scar formation and infection. By holding the wound closed, the body has to expend less energy healing the wound.

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