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Sting Relief Wipes (10/bx)
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.08 pounds

    Brand: First Aid Only

    • Sting Relief Wipes (10/bx)

      Part #: 922-00121

    • $2.00


    • This product includes a box with 10 individually wrapped sting relief wipes. The sting relief wipes are saturated with 60% isopropyl alcohol and 6% benzocaine to quickly and efficiently clean and relieve the pain and itching associated with minor burns, scrapes, insect bites and stings. The wipes easily cleanse the area around point of insect puncture. Individual single use packets are easy and convenient to use.

      These wipes are the perfect tool to have inside a first aid kit or everyday bag. Pack these to ensure your camping trip doesn’t get ruined by some pesky insects.

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