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Antacid Tablet, Calcium Carbonate (250pks/bx)
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Varies

    • Antacid Tablet, Calcium Carbonate (250pks/bx)

      Part #: 922-01051BX250

    • $23.49


    • Antacids help relieve indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and prevent stomach ulcers and gastritis. Antacids work by neutralizing the acids in the stomach. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid enters the esophagus and begins to eat at the lining. This can be caused by over-eating, consuming too much citrus or acidic fruits, carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic beverages, and more. Stomach ulcers occur when the mucus lining around your stomach gets dissolved by stomach acid and the acid then starts to attack the stomach itself.

      This box contains 250 packets of 2 tablets.

      **Active ingredient (in each tablet): Calcium Carbonate 420 mg

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