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Magill Forceps 10 - Adult
  • Product Specifications:

    Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds

    Brand: Magill

    • Magill Forceps 10 - Adult

      Part #: 922-04056

    • $6.30


    • These stainless-steel forceps by Magill are high-quality tools designed for removing obstructions from the airway. The angle of the forceps’ arms lets the user see what they are doing more easily than straight armed forceps. These forceps are designed for adults and may be too large for children. Forceps are great for grasping, manipulating, or extracting small objects from the body. Should a foreign object be blocking a patient’s airway, these forceps will allow the object to be dislodged quickly and easily without having to put fingers in someone’s mouth. This life saving tool is size 10 and to be used on adults.

      We also carry size 8 forceps for children.

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