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Kids Variety Pack Bandages 80 ct.
  • Product Specifications:

    Brand: Curad

    • Kids Variety Pack Bandages 80 ct.

      Part #: 922-00177

    • $4.25


    • Elevate your child's healing experience with our Just for Kids Variety Pack Bandages. This 80-count assortment contains:

      • Four Engaging Themes: Vibrant, child-friendly designs
      • All-Purpose Protection: For minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
      • 4-Sided Seal: Ensuring wound hygiene
      • Variety of Sizes: Spot and Medium options
      • Non-Stick Pads: Promoting proper healing
      • Latex-Free Assurance: Worry-free application

      Children prefer character-themed bandages for comfort, familiarity, and playfulness. These bandages featuring fun characters create a positive association, distract kids during the healing process, and allow personal expression.

      The encouragement from characters and peer influence also contribute to the popularity of these bandages, making the overall experience more enjoyable and socially engaging for children.

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