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Emergency Israeli Abdominal 8" Bandage *CLEARANCE*
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    Brand: Performance Systems

    • Emergency Israeli Abdominal 8" Bandage *CLEARANCE*

      Part #: 922-00253

    • 'Emergency Israeli Abdominal 8" Bandage *CLEARANCE*' is temporarily out of stock.
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    • Israeli bandages combine the properties of an elastic bandage, non-adhering gauze pad, pressure applicator, and quick closure to control abdominal bleeding in emergency situations.

      Originally developed for military use, this emergency dressing has found its place in the first aid kit and trauma bag used by first responders. Abdominal dressings help control heavily bleeding wounds by applying constant pressure to the wound, slowing blood flow while the gauze pad absorbs as much blood and exudate as possible. These dressings are designed to handle large abdominal wounds but are more than capable of treating wounds on any part of the body.

      **Item is on clearance due to short expiration date. If package is still sealed and untampered with, the product is still considered sterile past expiration date.

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